Skip Sizes

Skip sizes

Our 2.5m mini skip is our smallest skip you can hire, it is a great little skip and very versatile. This mini skip can hold approx 1O standard wheelie bins or approx 2.5 standard 6x4 trailer loads. It is ideal for D.I.Y. jobs, garage clean ups or garden works. This is our most popular bin. Don't under estimate how much fits in this bin, it may surprise you.

Our 3.5m skip is the largest bin we carry, this skip is normally used for garden, landscaping, kitchen or other D.I.Y. renovations and garage clean ups. This Skip holds approx 14 Standard wheelie bins or 3.5 standard 6x4 trailer loads. Due to weight lifting restrictions the smaller 2.5m bin is more suited to heavy loads of bricks, concrete and soil etc.

4 & 6 Cubic Metre bins also available

Your skip will be delivered on time and placed in a convenient position for you to load. There are advantages in using mini skips over larger units. If you have a large waste problem we can place two, three or more bins in various positions closer to your rubbish, making loading much easier. Smaller skips are also much easier to get in to tight spots.

We can provide more than one skip to assist in separating waste to enable recycling and to also reduce costs for the customer. We are happy to discuss these options with you when we clarify the contents of your waste.

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